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Ways on how to prepare traditional offices ready for the new normal

If there’s one thing that we know for certain it’s that COVID-19 has changed the traditional office beyond all recognition. Now that organisations are considering all of the possibilities when it comes to their teams returning to work, it’s time to look for ways to prepare the classic office environment for this new normal.

Here are just a few of the strategies that are now being put into practice.

Remote Working

Back in May, Twitter and Facebook made an announcement that most of their employees would now be eligible to work from home without needing to come into a physical office. While remote working isn’t a new idea, the decision made by these social media giants has served to highlight the speed at which corporate concepts about remote working have changed. Many companies have already decided to permit their workers to work from home until the end of the year and this not only reduces the risk of disease transmission in the workplace but also helps employees to enjoy better work/life balance. By saving time on commuting and spending more time with loved ones, it’s no wonder that studies have shown that over 80% of workers feel less stressed when they’re allowed to work remotely.

A Rotating Schedule

The traditional office traditionally places as many workers as possible into the smallest of spaces and this isn’t safe during the pandemic. A lot of companies have now introduced a rotating schedule allowing some employees into the office one day and others the next, with remote working in between.

Cloud Communication Strategies

COVID-19 has seen the rise of cloud communication technology, with the Zoom meeting becoming a universal phenomenon. Now that more companies are adopting remote and flexible working policies as a way of keeping employees safe, these communication systems are becoming even more widespread and integrated into the function of the office. This means that workers at home and in the office can all collaborate on projects with no risk to health.

Reconfigured Spaces

Even when offices are reopening fully, they don’t look the same in the new normal. Office configurations are changing for employee safety and social distancing. Desks are now more spaced out, cubicles are making a comeback and there is more limited access to break rooms and bathrooms. Lifts now have reduced access and even PPE is being worn in some spaces. Hallways have been made one-way systems, meeting rooms are being closed off, temperature checks are being introduced and hand sanitiser dispensers can be seen at strategic points. All of these strategies are being put in place to ensure worker safety and compliance with COVID-19-safe practices. 

Preparing Your Office

If you’re running a business and need to ensure your workspace is safe for your employees, these are just some of the strategies that you can adopt to keep your workers protected from the virus. By implementing a few simple measures and harnessing the power of cloud communication along with remote working, teams can remain safe at all times while still ensuring your business remains profitable.

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