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How do I know if a co-working space will work for me living in a COVID 19 world?

The new normal of coping in an uncertain COVID-19 climate could still be just the right time to start up a business. There will be a strong demand for companies to launch to buoy up the floundering economy, while the population, tired of being restricted for so long, will be willing to stretch their spending power. However, if you are ready to start up your enterprise, the question you may need to answer is whether to use a coworking space as your base. 

Communal workspaces have popped up nationwide, and have proven to be popular, especially amongst entrepreneurs who want to reduce their overheads while benefiting from a fully-furnished, well-equipped office space that gives them the flexibility that they need in the early days of their business operation. 

While you may once have considered working from home, having to socially distance or self-isolate for so long during this pandemic may have made that idea less appealing than it used to be. Plus, strong networking links will be more important than ever before if businesses are to get off the ground in the challenging economy that is sure to present itself once the crisis is on its way out.

Of course, coworking spaces are not for everyone, so let us look at some of the reasons that you might want to bear in mind. 

Pandemic Concerns

Good coworking space operators are up and running with all the measures in place to keep guests safe and well, visit the building and check out the public area protocols and the plans of the space before signing an agreement.

Weigh up the Benefits

Coworking spaces give you the resources you need to kickstart your new business while also giving you the social and networking elements that are so valuable to sole traders and small business owners. Working at home is often distracting and daunting, but using a coworking space can help you to feel part of a community while also adding more legitimacy to your new company and giving you the amenities you require to get established in your industry.

Will your business thrive on flexibility?

With a coworking space, portability and flexibility are key. If your work needs lots of equipment or storage, a private office may be a better option for you. However, if your work is mostly done on your laptop, you will be a good fit for a communal workspace. Every coworking space is different, with a range of options to meet your needs. Whether you only need a simple cubicle to set up your laptop and access to a meeting room where you can meet with clients, or whether you need a more conventional private office, there’s sure to be a communal workspace to suit your budget and your requirements. 

What Is Your Vibe?

The key is to find a good fit for your own outlook. All coworking spaces have their own culture and vibe. You need to make sure you have found a good fit for you. Are you looking for something basic and simple where you can focus on the task in hand and be as productive as possible? Or are you looking for a social experience with a communal break room, an upbeat atmosphere, and a thriving community spirit? Then make sure you have chosen a space that works for you.

Coworking in an uncertain Covid-19 world

Although we are all living in troubled times at the moment, it’s a good opportunity to look forward to how you can exploit your full entrepreneurial potential whilst understanding the landscape of the aftermath of the first wave and preparing for the threat of a second. By planning and deciding whether you would benefit from using a coworking space, you will be ready to hit the ground running.

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