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5 Reasons Coworking Spaces are still an option for starting up in the new normal

If there is one thing that the world of business and enterprise is going to take forward it’s the new normal of living with Covid-19 and the possibilities and potential of remote working. Suddenly, jobs that employers said could never be done outside the office have now made the transition to the home. This is a trend that is almost certainly set to continue whilst the reality of further lockdowns and the new normal of living with Covid-19 exists. Employers and employees alike realise that more flexible working patterns are the key to a more successful future and a more motivated workforce. Coworking spaces give remote workers the opportunity to work locally at an affordable price, and this is something that is especially attractive to new start-ups who need to keep their overheads low. There are five key reasons why coworking spaces are going to be so important in the weeks and months to come. 

1.A Community Hub

In the midst of the current COVID-19 world, there will almost certainly be a drive to launch more new start-ups to give the economy a much-needed boost. Yet, those start-ups are going to need strong local connections and social networks to gain a footing in the damaged marketplace. Community strength will be a vital component in helping entrepreneurs to reconnect, to build up new networks, and to support each other and coworking spaces can help with this, as a community hub that will help start-ups to spring up and thrive in the wave of the crisis.

2.Greater Flexibility

Coworking spaces can give new start-ups the flexibility that they need in the early days of their operation. There are many types of membership plans to choose from, so there is no need to be tied into a long lease which may not be appropriate.

3.Affordability – the case for Barking

Traditional office spaces are expensive, especially in the city. However, coworking spaces in outer London such as ours; are considerably more affordable which makes them the perfect option for a new start-up with a limited budget and a need to keep costs low. The case for outer London is being made no more travel to Zone 1 meetings as the world has gone online and therefore the cheaper membership works for most start-ups.

4.Excellent Amenities

Start-ups often lack the money to invest in the essentials to keep their operation running smoothly. Coworking spaces can plug this gap thanks to the impressive amenities that they provide. Included in the cost is a suitable workspace with unlimited access, reliable high-speed wi-fi, conference rooms, fridges, printing access, and much more. Tea and coffee on tap so need to frequent your favourite coffee shop and let’s be honest saving you at least £10 per day. When starting a new business, the focus should be on getting it up and running successfully rather than on running an office, and this is another reason why coworking spaces are such a good choice for new start-ups, allowing you to keep the focus on running and developing the business without worrying about the budget.

5.Dealing with isolation fatigue

COVID-19 and the social distancing messages it has necessitated have caused a host of issues, but perhaps one of the most overlooked is likely to be mental health issues. For those who are starting up a new business on their own, the idea of doing it at home and subjecting themselves to further isolation may feel impossible. Coworking spaces can, once again, come to the rescue, offering suitable spaces for sole traders to begin their new enterprise surrounded by other entrepreneurs in a socially distanced way who are all sharing an effective community space and bringing a social element into what can be a lonely career path. 

Hot desking in the new normal

It’s easy to see why coworking spaces were popular before March 2020 and there is definitely a case that they will return to being the best option as more people seize the opportunity that remote working and flexibility have to offer. Joining a coworking space offers those starting up a new business to keep their costs low, build a network efficiently and become more productive in what is likely to be a challenging business environment.

We at the BEC have taken seriously our duty to ensure that social distancing remains in place we have dedicated another room to hot-desking, meaning we can ensure that guests who hot desk with us do not have their safety compromised. In fact, all of our buildings are marked out with sanitizer stations on every floor. We are not working in a post-Covid-19 world, we are embracing the changes it has forced us to make and recognise they are here for some time.

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