Targeted Business Support

What You Get:

During targeted business support sessions with a dedicated business counsellor you will receive support in creating a business plan and gain advice on training that you may need. Our counsellors can help you think about your product/service, customers and marketing. They can put you in touch with key people such as local banks to set up a business bank account. If you need funding we can help you with writing loan applications and advise about funds available for your business. Once you are up and running your counsellor can advise you on the potential for growth and developing longer term strategies.

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How It Works:

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    Attend an Enterprise Workshop

    Our business startup workshops are run on Wednesday mornings once every fortnight. You can attend this to find out how to get started for your business.

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    Prepare for Action

    You will be given a form to fill in some information regarding you and your business. This includes: name, phone, email, home postcode, what is your business idea, why will it work, own relevant experience, where will it work from, when will it work from and what capital is required.

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    After we get your prepare for action form back we will book you in for an initial appointment with one of our business counsellors. You will then be given appointments for ongoing support by your dedicated business counsellor.