Enterprise Workshops

The Business Enterprise Workshop is a two hour session where budding entrepreneurs and those thinking of starting a business or becoming self employed can gather general information around what they need to think about before they actually start up. They may have a great business idea but not necessarily the skills or knowledge to put it into action. This workshop will help them on their way as well as highlighting some of the reasons why other businesses have failed:


For example the types of things covered are:

  • What is means to be self employed – varying personal attributes required
  • Planning – where to go for help, research and information
  • Types of business entities available ie: sole trader, partnership and limited company etc. – what does each one mean for the individual
  • Basic information regarding tax payable and VAT
  • Marketing your business – know your USP
  • Location and logistics – what to think about
  • Business Plans
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Financing your business – what is required, where to go for help, ways to borrow